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High Quality Cardboard Paper food trays in UK

We have an excellent quality of personalised Custom Cardboard Paper food trays with unique style and materials

Custom Paper trays
Custom Paper trays
Custom Paper trays

We at PackagingBull offer durable and attractive custom paper trays to serve and present food. Customizable designs, logos and branding can be applied to these trays to improve customer satisfaction and increase company awareness. To make your business stand out, we add your logo, company name, or distinctive design to the trays. Our custom paper trays are made from recyclable materials and are a great option for companies who care about the environment.

Moreover, our trays are made to store a wide range of foods without sacrificing strength or quality, from oily to dry nibbles. Our paper trays fit well for a variety of occasions, including formal parties and informal get-togethers. We offer paper trays in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet a range of serving requirements, including those for substantial meals and little appetizers. So, place your order today to change the fate of your brand.

Party Food Trays

Our party food trays provide ease and style, making them indispensable for organizing events and get-togethers. These trays work well for offering a range of finger meals and party snacks.

Convenience: Party food trays make serving at any event easier to manage and distribute.

Design Options: Select from a range of jovial patterns and hues to go with your party’s theme.

Portability: They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events because they are lightweight and robust.

Disposability: Our party food trays are made to be used just once, making cleanup after the event simple.

Hygiene: To guarantee cleanliness and safety, food-grade materials are used.

Kraft Paper Food Trays

When presenting food in a natural and rustic way, kraft paper meal trays are a popular option. Kraft paper food trays frequently utilized for outdoor events, informal dining, and food trucks.

Aesthetic Appeal: The organic, rustic appearance of kraft paper’s natural brown tone makes it ideal for informal dining environments.

Eco-Friendly: Our kraft paper trays are a sustainable choice because they are made of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Strength: Kraft paper trays are strong enough to support heavy and oily dishes without spilling or shattering, even though they are lightweight.

Flexibility: Perfect for a range of foods, including hot dogs, burgers, fries, and more.

Cost-effective: Kraft paper trays are a cost effective method to make your brand popular.

Essential Components for Every Tray

Possibilities to improve customer experience and brand awareness by adding branding, logos, and distinctive designs. Using materials that are biodegradable and recyclable to encourage sustainability. Made to safely store a range of foods, from little snacks to larger dinners. Fits well for a variety of settings, such as formal events, informal eating, and gatherings.

In conclusion, kraft paper food trays, party food trays, and custom paper trays all have special advantages that may be customized to meet a range of requirements. Businesses may improve their services, build their brands, and support environmental sustainability by selecting the appropriate kind of tray.

Light-weight Packaging

We proffer lightweight packaging that still offers ample protection, substantially lowering your freight charges. You can easily offer your eatables within kraft lightweight food trays to grab the maximum attention of the customers.

Environmentally Sustainable Food Trays

Lower your environmental impact by using our eco-friendly paperboard materials made from FSC® certified paper. Our materials are eco-friendly and will enhance the outer image of your tray packaging.

Our Experts provide Innovative Designs

Our design enhances the impact of the packaging for your brand. We offer awesome foiling, embossing, debossing, and spot UV techniques to enhance your food tray packaging. Get benefit by having awesome food tray packaging by hiring our services. 

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