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Please choose from our portfolio of custom designs or provide a certain layout, pattern, logo, or artwork.
You will get an email as a confirmation once you finalize the custom design.
Our team will develop the custom boxes tailor-made to your exclusive designs
You will get the order delivered within two weeks after your confirmation

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Relive The Power Of Packaging With Packaging Bull

Your items require inventive packaging in addition to sturdy packaging in today’s cutthroat market. We at PackagingBull exclusively support custom printed boxes that makes a big impression and guarantees strong sales. Your customers get a striking first impression of our retail boxes thanks to their eye-catching and innovative designs. Above all, we are able to stay afloat thanks to our benefits, which include free delivery, the quickest turnaround time, free design assistance, and tangible samples.

We at PackagingBull offer incredible package designs while attending to your products’ needs. Our product packaging not only complements your item well, but it also adds elegance with its intricate details. The highest level of pleasure is guaranteed by our printing mechanisms, styles, sizes, and forms for custom printed boxes uk.

PackagingBull: A Reputable Name Among Major Brands

The majority of businesses trust us as their packaging provider. We have honored their confidence by providing them with significant discounts, payouts, and a host of additional benefits. We understand what it takes to keep clients because they are our first focus.

Our clients attest to the fact that, in order to stay consistent, we don’t always pursue new business; instead, we give our current clients due consideration. Over the past ten years of operation, we have maintained a retention rate of over 90%. PackagingBull staff has worked tirelessly to help its consumers by crunching unimaginable figures to accomplish this feat.

We Offer Numerous Free Benefits.

Giving our clients benefits is one of our strong points. It doesn’t mean we beg the wealthy and well-known to join our cause; rather, it means we provide our services to both big and small brands equally. The benefits we offer are:

No-Cost Design Assistance

We at PackagingBull offer free design assistance so you may examine mailer boxes in greater detail. We proceed to the following stage as soon as you have confirmed the package specifics. Among other things, it involves greatly elevating you by offering free design assistance. For an excellent design experience, our talented designers rely on their knowledge and instincts. We  proffer amazing mylar bags designs as well.

Two views are included in the design support: a 2D view and a 3D view. An image view of the product is part of a 2D view. On the other hand, a 3D perspective allows for an immersive video view of the product. We do not process your orders unless you are completely delighted with the outcome since we sincerely want you to be our satisfied customer.

No Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are not applied to orders placed at PackagingBull. So, if that’s the portion that worries you, let us handle it. We’ll do everything in our power to reimburse you for the shipping costs. We recognize that better client experiences are necessary. We do not charge you additional fees for that reason.

Orders in a hurry

Are you concerned about the custom printed cardboard boxes delayed arrival? If you want your boxes delivered to your home in less than a week, forget about your packing vendor and give us a call right now. Normally, it takes us eight to ten days to deliver your custom boxes with logo, but if you request an urgent order, we will do everything in our power to deliver as soon as possible.

No Die Plate or Unexpected Fees

We don’t think that listing all of your options with die plate and hidden costs is a good idea. Instead, as soon as you speak with a member of our customer support team, you can stop worrying. We determine the best possible pricing plan for your order, such as printed custom pizza boxes, with the assistance of our estimators.

No-cost Physical Samples

Though misleading in appearance, not with us! We at PackagingBull offer a free tangible sample “custom packaging boxes with logo” delivered right to your door. In order to build confidence in our products, you can request a free sample if you are dissatisfied with the design assistance provided by our designers. 

Minimal Order Quantity (MOQ): Small

We are aware of what it takes to launch a new company and support its expansion. In order for you to profit, we determine that a custom printed boxes no minimum uk per 100 quantity order is necessary. 

Surpassing All Expectations from the Outset

With the packaging of our custom candle gift boxes, we have a talent for meeting everyone’s expectations. Our in-depth research and packaging engineering have enabled us to elevate the intentions. To help our customers, our packaging designers and engineers pay close attention to even the smallest aspects. Get our amazing Custom sleeve packaging to encase your various products.

Opening Up a World of Abundant Customizations

There are yet more shocks to come. We provide you the confidence to trust our services by opening up a whole new world of personalization options for boxes and kraft gift boxes as well. Packaging for various products, for example, requires a wide range of customizing choices. We at PackagingBull provide the following personalization choices:

Choice of Materials

You can select from a broad variety of materials that we offer. Every material has a certain attribute. Eco-friendly rigid boxes, for instance, encourage a healthy and green atmosphere. All they emphasize is how crucial it is to have a well-organized, secure environment. 

These boxes will disintegrate if you dispose of them, leaving the surroundings unharmed. Eco-friendly products don’t affect the land or the sea. Get amazing designs for printed cone sleeves as well by hiring our services. But some of the other materials we work with are as follows:

  • Cardboard 
  • Corrugated, with different flute sizes
  • Stock of Linen
  • Kraft
  • Rigid


We offer coatings to give your boxes a polished appearance and a shimmering surface. Coatings provide you a front-row seat to let customers to quickly view your goods. You can choose one of the following coatings to customize your product because they are designed to stand out among other products:

Matte Satin Finish

Each coating has a distinct quality, and with the right application, they may open the door to opulent packaging.


To top it off, we offer a comprehensive range of extra features that may be added to our packaging to give it a stunning appearance, including candle gift boxes. Here are a few of the accessories you can choose from:

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Spot UV
    • Die-cutting

The tactile appeal of embossing and debossing is imparted to your goods. A brand’s emblem that has been embossed stands out to the touch likewise with debossing. Still, additional accessories like foiling and Spot UV make the product look beautiful. Additionally, packaging that is hard, like boxes, can be personalized. 


By giving your goods a respectable interior appearance, inserts enhance its elegance. You should look for inserts in the packaging of our products if you own a company. We work with the ensuing inserts:

These inserts become a tool for self-promotion in addition to improving the branding experience. For instance, if a delicate product is thoughtfully packaged inside a fence insert, it might be worthy of sales. 

Place Your Custom Order Right Now

In addition to providing freebies, we really believe that our consumers should be satisfied. It has led us along a path to countless achievements in the past. With the aid of packaging, PackagingBull assists both small and large businesses to achieve success and elevate their standing in the industry by providing best custom boxes.


Does your box ordering need a minimum order?

Indeed, we do, but not very much. There is a 100 minimum order quantity every order. However, you must notify us in advance if you need any changes made to it.

Do you charge Die plate fees?

No, it doesn’t exist. We never tack on extra fees to the agreed-upon amount. We don’t include any unexpected fees in our packages.

Do you ship outside of the United Kingdom to other countries?

Yes, we also ship to other nations.